A Company You Can Trust

For over a decade now, we have been providing clients with fire-rated constructions and firewalls for a variety of industries including IT, retail, pharmaceuticals and manufacturing.

Our objective is simple: to design and install the best firewalls and data centres in the industry – economically, within budget and on time.

Most importantly our work is fire rated, giving your team a safe environment and peace of mind.

Safety As A Priority

As industry pioneers, we have led the way in introducing and innovating newer, more cost-effective but equally safe fire-rated construction. We constantly work to find the safest materials and methods of installation to give our customers the best.

We have completed an impressive number of projects over the years, grown to meet demand and continue to be an authority in fire-rated construction.

From a straightforward installation to a complex large-scale project, Cold Clad promises an unrivalled level of excellence and commitment, reflected in our work throughout the years.

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